Hourly SEO, Performance, or Per SEO Project Payment: Which is Affordable?

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process for ensuring success of your online business throughout its lifespan. Therefore, as a business owner, you will wish to spend on it quite smartly. While a majority of the SEO companies tend to charge per project, there are considerable number companies that charge on hourly basis. Irrespective of the SEO services company and payment system you choose, you will certainly wish to have the best results at least investment.

Per-Project SEO Payment: This is What Business Owners Love

As SEO clients, business owners love to pay per project. This is because they know that hourly rates are unreliable. For example, you come across an SEO services company demanding $300 per hour. At this point, you might think that this is too much to pay for! Therefore, you choose a more reasonably-priced company that accepts $100 per hour, which is a standard price in developed nations. You might get inclined towards the cheaper rate, but that’s not the right criterion for you to make the final selection. This is because there are many factors affecting that decision. Of all, the biggest problem is you cannot make out which of the two are worthy for your site because you are not an SEO expert. This is the reason why business owners love to pay on a per-project basis, not on per-hour basis.

However, Hourly Pricing is Yet Widely Accepted!

Paying per project basis for SEO is more in demand because it assures the business owners that work goals will be achieved with the comfort of knowing the total investment in advance. However, they need to be careful about knowing what is included in the project. Otherwise, they could end up getting less for what they are paying. For instance, the company may only offer 10 hours of keyword research, which actually requires 15 hours. The company may do so due to several other clients in the queue. This is exactly the reason why hourly rates are preferred for SEO even today. An hourly rate means you get what you pay for.

Paying As Per the Performance

Before some years, many SEO companies used to charge their clients as per the performance, such as charging as per the amount of traffic fetched. Today, this system of pricing is no longer preferred or favored because it is now regarded as truly an unfair way of charging. SEO is a very dynamic process whose strategies and steps keep on changing with Google rule and algorithms. For instance, an SEO company can simply make two changes to your site that makes your site appear on the first search engine result page to increase your sales. Now, for this half an hour work, you would end paying a handsome amount.

The Most Preferred Payment

It is uncertainly paying per-project basis, as it is the central option between the pay as per performance and pay as per hourly efforts. As a trend, in case of additional work required, its cost can be negotiated on an hourly basis.