SEO is undoubtedly a multi-dimensional skill that entails Web design, press release, guest posts, social media, and much more. Although guest posting and social media popularity may be in demand, onlinesearch still dominates. This makes it imperious for the business owners to have a site that is ranked at the top of chief search engines such as like Google and Yahoo. In case your site fails to display itself at the top of the search result pages, you are losing a chance to fetch maximum relevant traffic to your site by being easily spotted. So, what can be done to optimize your site in such a way that it grabs a top rank on the result pages? Well, you will need the services of an ideal SEO company. It is not uncommon to come across SEO firms offering a variety of services that were usually not available in the past. However, your site may not require all the services on offer. However, as of 2013, there are some basic services that you need to hire! So, here are those most demanded SEO company services to look for.

Keyword Research

Without this, you just cannot start SEO! It is with the keyword research that experts come to know how to move ahead with their strategies. Therefore, this service is the primary one for any business to build its online presence and get ranked at the top of the result pages.

Content Creation

This is one of the most sought SEO company services, which needs to be followed soon after keyword research. It is here that the searched keywords must be used in fair density so that the search engines can index your site to show it when the visitor searches by entering these words in the search box. So, once the keyword research is done, a SEO company recommends creating content. This mostly involves article writing and submitting to directories, but if you have more time and money, you can generate other content types such as blogs and press releases.

Link Building

This is where you need to be most careful! There are a few affordable SEO companies that offer only basic back links such as listing the clients in local directories or employing article marketing ideas. However, there are better companies that creatively build back links by guest posting and implementing viral campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

SEO entails social media presence although social media management is conventionally not a part of search optimization. For those who are unaware, social media presence is essential for the success of SEO. Therefore, ensure that the company you choose offers social media strategies to improve your site social presence and consequently search engine ranking. Happily, there are many reputable SEO companies that provide these services for SEO success.

On-Page SEO

For your optimization efforts to be successful, it is vital that the links are active and that the site hierarchy is SEO-friendly. Ensure that this service is offered at the beginning of the project so that you do not have to incur much ongoing cost.