Many of them do not have idea about the SEO tricks and techniques required to make the blog or article number one on search engines like Google. The best trick to be known is keywords. Everybody dreams of seeing their articles and blogs at number one place in Google, this can be possible with large amount of target traffic which in turn helps to generate more sales and increases the revenue of the website if it is selling any products/services. The ranking of Google is basically done based on how well the website id SEO or Search Engine Optimized. Though keywords are essential for SEO, the actual success can be gained by placing them at right places. We shall learn 5 best tricks of SEO through this article.

Get a suitable Title

Keyword needs to be placed in title of article or blog necessarily. This will enable Google to understand what your content is all about. For instance, if your blog is about dance, say benefits of dance. Then, you should have a catchy title like ‘Learn Dance and Enhance Yourself with Its Benefits’. The title like this will quickly attract reader’s interest, and compel them to click for your article. Therefore, create appealing titles for your content, and not any lame ones.


Most of them have a wrong notion that heading and title is one and the same. But, the fact is that heading conveys a proper message and overall subject of the article or blog to the readers in just one sentence. One needs to have a fascinating heading with no lengthy sentences and silly talks. If you want the readers to read your entire article, then make it precise yet informative. For instance, you can make use of ‘How to’, this will make your reader to know what the article will talk about .continuing the above example, the heading can be: How to dance with your husband/wife at a party.

Know the Tags

 Tags of the blogs are the general keywords. Whenever you tag some posts, the keyword has to be mentioned everywhere. Like, ‘Dance’ is the keyword of above example, so it has to be used anywhere you post the blog. Well, this is a smart trick to group same kind of posts with no area of plagiarism. Many SEO analysts make use of this simple trick to make their ranking higher in the charts.

Keywords to the Body

Well, this cannot be a trick, rather it is an effective part of the article or blog. Make sure you are adding keywords in body. Try to use mind as chefs do, they sprinkle key ingredients to get the right flavor of the dish. Similarly, you need to include keywords several times in the blog so that the reader gets the essence of it. On the contrary, don’t use them too many times spoiling the ranking through search engines.

Focus on Structure

Bold, Italics, and Underlining will make your content look organized. In order to improve the content, you can make use of images, videos and other elements too. Pictures, if properly tagged will increase your rankings.